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Industry Reflection: Project Consumer Consumption     by Dark Watcher (13-Jul-16)

Greetings game console compatriots. Ole DW here with your “Industry Reflection.” We are mid-year into 2016, and the industry is abuzz with rumors and news regarding Nintendo’s project, code-named “NX,” Sony’s project, code-named “NEO,” and, Microsoft’s project code-named “Scorpio.” While Nintendo remains tight lipped (as usual) on their project, the device will of course be new (and much needed) console … Read more

Fond Memories of Dreamcast     by Dark Watcher (10-Sep-14)

EA chief operating officer Peter Moore sent out a series of messages on Twitter reminiscing on the Sega Dreamcast. It stirred within us our own memories. Has it really been 15 years!? When you consider yourself a console historian, and find yourself excited about every video game console ever developed, it is hard not to play favorites… We admit, the … Read more

Life before the ESRB: Truly Hazardous Toys     by Marriott_Guy (11-Oct-12)

While kicking back this past weekend, the unexpected befell this aged bachelor – emergency babysitting duty of my 6 year old niece.  With little time to prepare, it was decided that we would just hang out at my humble abode for the evening.  To my surprise, she was not disappointed at all but actually ecstatic.  This would be her very … Read more

Removing Console Features     by Dark Watcher (20-Aug-11)

Its been some time since the Dark Watcher ventured out from the cave, stepped upon the coveted soap box, and delivered some good ole ranting. Today’s topic of rant? The removal of features from a console… The announcement for a redesigned Nintendo Wii for 2011 drew our attention. A lower price point would definitely get the device in more hands, … Read more

The Perfect Storm     by Marriott_Guy (27-Nov-10)

For nearly two generations, the console world has been dominated by the big three – Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.  All have produced fine systems in their own right, introducing new technology and innovations to our gaming universe.  That being said, the availability of viable alternatives has been virtually nonexistent for the past decade.  Outside of a few niche systems (XaviXPORT, … Read more

No Soup For You!!     by Marriott_Guy (21-Jun-10)

As I grow more experienced in life (a.k.a. get old), I find myself becoming less patient and accommodating for daily idiocies that I once blew off without a moment’s thought.  I’d like to think I am a pretty easy going guy, but there are quite a few things that are truly beginning to torque me off. Clueless dolts talking on … Read more

Happy 20th Anniversary Sega Genesis     by Dark Watcher (17-Aug-09)

Ole DW is like a fishermen at times Every now and then we come across some impressive info fish. Sometimes we come across some thought guppies. Todays thought guppie read “Happy 20th, Sega Genesis” from the fish farms at Kotaku. Now…you won’t see DW bringing an anniversary card to our beloved Genesis. Then again we do seem to be speaking … Read more

The SX2 : A New Gaming System Concept     by Marriott_Guy (15-Jul-09)

I am the first one to admit that I was wrong about my initial impressions on handheld systems – they are not just jealous little rug rats of their technically superior big brother consoles. They do have their unique appeal and I have found that this attraction was not limited to the specific ‘handheld fan-boy’ target audience. I have learned … Read more

Crossing Over Isn’t That Easy     by Marriott_Guy (09-May-09)

Being successful in the video game hardware industry has proven to be financial lucrative for many companies throughout the years.  Everyone knows about the old school power players like Atari, Nintendo and Sega – they began as a company focusing on this specific market (for the most part).  Companies like Sony and Microsoft have also achieved like success in the … Read more

What Were They Thinking??     by Marriott_Guy (19-Apr-09)

Throughout the years I have been amazed by the technological leaps and developments in the video game industry.  By the same token, some of the gaffes that have been made by the developers and manufactures have stunned me as well.  Here are a few of my favorites… Atari 5200 AV/Power Switchbox Now this picture does not truly give this dog … Read more

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