Download Portable System Owner Manuals
                    by Marriott_Guy
As we did with the with Video Game Console Manuals, our newest VGCL member applemctom though it would be a great idea to do the same for Portable Game Systems.  To save you time from searching the internet for hours, we have compiled all manuals that we have found in one central place to allow for easy retrieval.

All files are in the PDF format.  Some of these have been created using external image resources.  Credits have been listed when the source is known.  This is a work in process and will be updated as we scan additional manuals.  Some notes while using this interactive table:

        o The default view is organized by the Year of Release
        o Click a column header to sort the data accordingly
        o Click the Download Manual icon to open\save the PDF file

Though we do not have a dedicated page for these systems, details and pictures for all can be located on the Gallery - Portable Systems page.  Please bear in mind that this is a living document that will grow with the addition of new portable manuals.  If you can help us out, please let me know.  You will definitely receive full credit for your contributions and assist us with keeping the history of the video game console alive and well for all.  Thanks!
Year Model Name \ Description Credits Size Download Manual
1979 Milton Bradley MicroVision Unknown 0.38 MB
1981 Coleco Total Control 4 Unknown 1.38 MB
1982 Entex Select-A-Game Machine Unknown 0.53 MB
1989 Atari Lynx Unknown 0.49 MB
1989 Nintendo Game Boy Unknown 4.41 MB
1990 Sega Game Gear Unknown 17.39 MB
1993 Philips CD-i 350 Unknown 0.91 MB
1995 Sega Nomad Unknown 1.19 MB
1995 Tiger R-Zone Unknown 0.32 MB
1996 Tiger R-Zone Super Screen Unknown 1.92 MB
1998 Nintendo Game Boy Color Unknown 5.23 MB
1998 Tiger Pocket Pro Unknown 0.80 MB
2000 Cybiko Unknown 0.66 MB
2001 Cybiko Extreme Unknown 0.42 MB
2001 Nintendo Pokémon Mini IM-MIN-USA Unknown 2.88 MB
2001 Nintendo Game Boy Advance Unknown 0.16 MB
2003 Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Unknown 0.69 MB
2003 Nokia N-Gage Unknown 3.35 MB
2003 Tapwave Zodiac Unknown 3.48 MB
2004 Nintendo DS Unknown 0.43 MB
2004 Nokie N-Gage QD Unknown 4.29 MB
2004 Sony PlayStation Portable PSP-1001 Unknown 2.20 MB
2005 GamePark GP2X Guyfawkes 0.93 MB
2005 Nintendo Game Boy Micro Unknown 0.96 MB
2005 Tiger Gizmondo Unknown 2.80 MB
2006 Nintendo DS Lite Unknown 1.57 MB
2007 Sony PlayStation Portable PSP-2001 Unknown 3.38 MB
2008 Nintendo DSi Unknown 3.75 MB
2008 Sony PlayStation Portable PSP-3001 Unknown 2.07 MB
2009 AtGames Sega Portable Video Game Player Unknown 1.95 MB
2009 Dingoo A320 Unknown 2.16 MB
2009 iQue DSi - Hardware Unknown 3.87 MB
2009 iQue DSi - Software Unknown 4.31 MB
2009 Nintendo DSi XL Unknown 3.99 MB
2009 Nokia N900 Unknown 4.99 MB
2009 Sony PSP Go Unknown 1.08 MB
2009 TecToy MD Play Unknown 0.79 MB
2010 OpenPandora Pandora Unknown 2.63 MB
2011 Hyperkin SupaBoy Unknown 2.91 MB
2011 Nintendo 3DS Unknown 18.66 MB
2011 Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Unknown 4.93 MB
2011 Sony PlayStation Portable PSP-E1004 Unknown 0.77 MB
2011 Sony PlayStation Vita PCH-1000 Unknown 0.99 MB
2012 Archos GamePad Unknown 5.24 MB
2012 Nintendo 3DS XL Unknown 18.62 MB
2012 iQue 3DS XL Unknown 6.80 MB
2012 Retro-Bit RetroDuo Portable 2.0 Core Edition Unknown 1.47 MB
2013 Archos GamePad 2 Unknown 4.18 MB
2013 Nintendo 2DS Unknown 17.81 MB
2013 Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Unknown 2.82 MB
2013 Sony PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 Unknown 1.28 MB
2013 Wikipad 7 Gaming Tablet Unknown 7.08 MB
2013 Yarvik G1 Force Gaming Tablet Unknown 8.63 MB
2014 Nintendo NEW 3DS Unknown 3.04 MB
2014 Nintendo NEW 3DS XL Unknown 12.66 MB

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