Sega Multi-Mega \ CDX
Type Console Developer Sega
Release Date 1994-Apr Region(s) Japan, North America, Europe, Brazil
Initial Price $399 USD Games Released 1,200+ (Sega Genesis \ CD compatible)
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In 1991, Sega released the Mega CD, an add-on for its popular Sega Genesis console.  Though an innovative creation, it was not considered a total success.  A number of factors prevented the Sega CD from attaining a dominant position in the videogame market at the time. The initial high price prevented the add-on from selling well.  With the competition heating up, Sega released the Multi-Mega (CDX in North America) in April of 1994.

The Multi-Mega was a single unit that combined both the Genesis and the Sega CD into a single unit.  The sleek design was slightly larger then a normal CD Player.  Unfortunately, the $399 was a severe deterrent, especially when the standard gamer could pick up the Sega CD and Genesis for far less.  Overall, a great system but more work (and money) than its worth to us standard gamers.

Image courtesy of SEGADriven
     Officially licensed releases
Sega Multi-Mega (CD-X Asia)

Sega CDX (North America)

Tectoy CDX (Brazil)

     Non-licensed hardware releases
No clones were released for this system.
     Peripherals, Promotions, Commercials, Brochures, Etc.
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