Sega Neptune
Type Console Prototype Developer Sega
Proposed Date 1994 Region(s) N\A
Proposed Price $199 USD Games Released 0
     by Dark Watcher
The Sega Neptune was to be a Sega Genesis and 32X combined into a single console.  Sega had admitted that the 32X was rather expensive and had problems, so combining it with a Genesis and selling it at a better price would have been a good idea.

By the time they had made a prototype, the 32X had reached the end of its short developmental life-span.  Interest in the Sega Saturn killed off any chances for 32X, so the idea was scrapped.  Sega believed there would not be much interest in it.
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     Prototype Pictures
Sega Neptune from E3 (picture credits unknown) Serga Neptune proto

     Non-licensed hardware releases
If this system was released, this console would have been a clone of the Sega Genesis with the Sega 32X add-on module. Watch out for fakes on eBay and the like - there are plenty of them like the one pictured below.
Sega Neptune fake
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