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Do you actually own all of the systems that are reviewed at the Video Game Console Library (VGCL)?
Yes, collectively we own every main system (and many variations) featured within our site.  See the Our Collections page for further details.
Are any of the items featured at your site available for sale?
We decided early on that our site would strictly be for reference.  Like every gamer or collector, we frequently buy and sell items but do so outside of our website.  This enables us to keep focused on the task at hand - providing the best information on video game console hardware.  That being said, if you are in need of guidance on a purchase or finding a rare item, please contact us.  We would be happy to provide our expertise along with potential resources for gaming acquisitions.

Why doesn't VGCL provide information for handheld systems or computer hybrids?

When developing this website, we knew that we could not be everything to everybody and decided that our efforts should be focused on our expertise - video game hardware.  We do provide a gallery-style page for both Portable devices as well as Educational systems.  More information on what is actually covered in this website in located on our Site Overview page.
I notice that you do not have a forum and limited social media presence.  Why is this?
Establishing any social media outlet is extremely easy; maintaining it is another story.  While we recognize the positive impact of being active in these arenas, the time that is required on a daily bases to successfully nurture these outlets is currently beyond our capabilities.  In other words, we are all 'seasoned' gamers (35+) with family and work obligations that mandate our daily attention.  We recently (2014-Mar-14) created a dedicated Facebook page to provide a hub for visitor interaction in addition to providing site updates and happenings.  Links are also available at the top of every page for sharing our website with your friends and family, along with a Discussion section on every console page that allows our visitors to share their insights and connect with us.  We do sincerely appreciate your help in spreading the word about our humble website!
Where do you get all of your pictures?
The majority of the images featured at our website have been personally taken by our team from our respective collections or have been generously donated by visitors, fellow collectors and our friends who run related websites (each of which are recognized\credited).  There are various photos where the source is unknown, or from eBay auctions that I (Marriott_Guy) unfortunately lost.
Can I use your images or text on my website?
In most cases, we do not have any issues with sharing as long as appropriate credit is provided.  Please contact me (MG@videogameconsolelibrary.com) to obtain permission prior to any posting of our content (pictures or text).
How can can I contribute to your website?
Absolutely!  We appreciate any assistance in the growth of our site.  Credit will always be given on the respective page and you will be listed on our Credits & Thanks page.  Please contact me at MG@videogameconsolelibrary.com.
     Visitor insights and feedback
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