History - Relative Console Prices (as of 2013)
                    by Marriott_Guy
As any gamer or collector can attest, managing our precious gaming budget during this challenging economic climate can prove difficult.  It just doesn't seem like our hard earned coin stretches as far as it once did.  But is this perception actually true?  Are consoles of today more expensive when compared to the hardware of yesteryear?

When determining this answer, one must determine the purchasing value of the today's dollar to years past.  The measurement for performing this analysis is the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  This basically provides an estimate of the relative cost (price in 2013) compared to the actual cost of a product when it was initially released.  As an example, the very first home video game console, the Magnavox Odyssey, sold for $99 back in 1972 which would equate to $551 in 2013.
Curmudgeon Gamer first performed this examination back in 2006, focusing on the top selling consoles.  Our take encompasses all main consoles, including those released in regions outside of North America.  Notes when viewing the chart below:
  • Base models are evaluated.  Example: Sony Playstation 3 CECHB-XX (20 GB, $499) used versus the CECHB-XX model (60 GB, $599).
  • Initial systems are evaluated.  Example: Nintendo Famicom (1983) used versus the Nintendo Entertainment System (1985).
  • Significant console add-ons have been included.  Example: PC Engine CD, Sega CD, Sega 32X, etc.
  • Select combination hardware have been included.  Example: Sharp Twin Famicom, NEC Duo, Panasonic Q, Sony PSX DVR, etc.
  • Prototypes and consoles with unverifiable retail prices are not included.  Example: RDI Halcyon ($2,500 rumored retail cost).
  • Click the console name for our webpage containing more information and details on the respective system.
Graph was compiled using the most current CPI data as provided and calculated by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.  Please enjoy and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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