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This page lists new articles, content additions, current projects, visitor contributions and the like for our website.  If you have a suggestion for improving our website, please leave us a comment at the bottom of this page.  Thanks!

  • Major update to the Gallery of Portable Systems.  This page has been redesigned to improve presentation, includes Owner's Manuals as well as it is much easier to maintain as new systems are released / identified.  I still have to add some direct links to manuals on this page, but many new documents were added courtesy of applemctom which are located on the Download Portable Manuals page.
  • This same 'look' will be applied on the Gallery of Educational Gaming Systems.
  • As always, feedback is always welcomed!
  • Minor tweaks made throughout the site.  Nothing substantial, but did require some time to ensure an excellent visitor experience.
  • Info on our newest VGCL team member applemctom is now live on the Who is VGCL page.  Ensure to drop him a hello if you have a chance!
  • More manuals found by applemctom!  I am reworking the page design of both the Gallery of Portable Systems and Gallery of Educational Gaming Systems to accommodate the manuals.  Also, the current page design is extremely cumbersome to update with new entries (i.e. - I have to move every single item to put in a new one).  This was a page design flaw on my part.  Working on this currently.
  • Major update to the Steam Machines page, with an excellent Hands On Review / Console Ratings content update provided by Dark Watcher.  This is definitely a must read for those considering one of the new Steam Machine systems!
  • Added the Zemmix Neo clone to the Daewoo Zemmix page.  Thanks to applemctom and the community for bringing this to our attention!
  • I am pleased to announce that our longtime friend and regular contributor applemctom has officially joined the VGCL team!  In addition to being the top provider of system manuals, Tom also produces the excellent Games that Defined videos that are featured throughout the site.  More info coming soon as we create his personal entry on the Who is VGCL page.  Welcome aboard Tom!
  • Speaking of which, applemctom suggested that we also add owner's manuals for Portable and Educational systems as well.  A new page has been added to the Reference menu - Download Portable Manuals - featuring 50+ new documents that applemctom has amassed thus far.  Links will be added to the respective system below the 'Notes' field on the Gallery of Portable Systems.  Credits will be updated (many courtesy of Electronic Handheld Game Museum (please ensure to check out their awesome site).
  • Updated the NEC PC Engine page with rare pictures and intel on prototype peripherals that were never released to the public.  Special thanks to our friends at NFG Games for the information!
  • Added the NEC Power Console to the NEC SuperGrafx page.  This prototype add-on rocks!  Special thanks and all credit belongs to Chris Covell, who actually owns a fully functional unit.  Please check out his site for other NEC goodies!
  • More console manual updates from our good friend applemctom : Sega CD - Model 1 (updated - much better version), Sega SG-1000 Mark II and the Neo Geo MVS.  Thanks again Tom!
  • Updated the Gallery of Educational Gaming Systems with the Texas Instruments Speak & Spell series, the Leapster LeapTV and the VTech InnoTV.  Special thanks to multiple individuals who suggested the above entries.  Thanks for your patience as well as I get caught up on the site updates!
  • Special update on the same page listed above - the Tiger Learning Computer.  Thanks to Abraham for bringing this to my attention as well as for allowing us to post his pictures of this extremely rare bird.  Thanks Abraham!!
  • Updated the Mad Catz M.O.J.O. page with a Hands On Review and Console Ratings from Dark Watcher.
  • Added the ZTE FunBox, another micro-console based on the Android OS (4.3) which supports Google Play (via root) and the NVIDIA TegraZone.
  • Updated the Connecting Your Game Systems and Console Master Database pages to include the newest crop of additions to our website.
  • The Mad Catz M.O.J.O. now has a home at our website.  This micro-console supports Google Play, TegraZone, OnLine and even one of its top competitors - OUYA.
  • Cleaned up the menus a bit (mostly capitalization tweaks).
  • Yet another new Android-based system added - the Huawei Tron.  This Chinese exclusive is basically the same thing as the OUYA, but more restrictive (does not allow for modding and the like, nor does it support Google Play).  We'll keep an eye on this micro-Console and update the page as new details become available.
  • Updated the OUYA page with a Hands On Review from Dark Watcher (missed this in our last update).  Also corrected a few typos and spec changes.
  • Updated the OUYA page with Console Ratings from Dark Watcher.
  • Completed the page for the upcoming line of Steam Machines.  Beta units have been released, but latest word from Valve is that the full retail release will not occur until 2015.
  • Finally added the Sony PlayStation 4 (thanks for the prompting all!).
  • Added the Titanfall LE model to the Xbox One page.  This was a special edition that was only made to the team at Respwn Entertainment and was not available for retail sale.
  • Added some images of a corporate flyer from 1980 for the Nichibutsu Company - makers of the My Vision console.
  • Added a number of Nintendo Wii clones/hacks including the Vii, Vii 2, the Zone console series, MiWi, WiWi, Wireless Air 60, Wiii 3 and the iSports / iSports Pro.  Special thanks to DeCainTain for lighting a fire and making sure I got this page updated  :)
  • After numerous requests from visitors to our site, I am glad to announce that we have finally created our Video Game Console Library Facebook page.  In addition to posting site updates and other interesting tidbits, I envision this to be a great hub for visitors to meet other collectors and enthusiasts located throughout the world.  A link has been added to the top of each webpage on our site to provide easy access.  I am the first to admit that I am not a FB aficionado, so please let me know if this new page works well or any suggestions you may have.  Thanks in advance!
  • Added the Fullwis FR-II Video Game, a rare clone of the Sega SG-1000.  Thanks to Taylor for the suggestion!
  • Updated the RCA Studio II page with all of the game boxes as well as some new images.  Thanks to Kris for the suggestion!
  • Fixed a few typos and corrected the emulator info for the Atari 5200, Atari XEGS and the Atari 7800.  Special thanks to matt for the continued feedback!
  • Added a new main console: the BBC Bridge Companion.  This oddity slipped underneath our radar until a visitor kindly reached out to us a few weeks ago.  Thanks for the tip!
  • Finally finished the Microsoft Xbox One page.  I still need to complete the history portion of this page, but for now it is a bit too early in this console's life for that.  I plan on picking one of these up soon and will knock out the "Hands On Review" once I have spent some time with this new entry to provide some objective feedback.  All other sections of the page have been completed - including some connection tips.  Next up on my To-Do list is the Playstation 4.
  • Added the Nintendo Wii mini to the Models section of the base Wii page.
  • Updated the handheld / portable gaming systems as suggested from our visitors.  The following were added to the Gallery of Portable Gaming Systems : Archos GamePad 1 \ 2, Yarvik G1 Force Gaming Tablet, Razer Edge \ Edge Pro, Wikipad Gaming Tablet and the Nvidia Shield.  Thanks to Appel again for the reminder!
  • Added the owners manuals for the Bandai Pippin @WORLD and Magnavox Odyssey 2.
  • Added the tech sheet and software manuals for the Commodore 64GS along with the Sony PlayStation 4 Quick Set-Up Guide (CUH-1002A) and the Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Voice/Gesture Library (located on the Console Manuals page for now while I finish the two respective pages).
  • Added the Software Development Kit for the PlayJam GameStick.
  • Special thanks again to applemctom for hunting down all of the items listed above!
  • Removed a few dead links to external sites.
  • Added the Sony PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 and the Nintendo 2DS to the Gallery of Portable Systems.
  • Updated developer information for the Tectoy Zeebo (thanks Mateus!).  We are still working on the history portion for this console.
  • Added a tribute piece to the recent passing of my furry gaming partner Kramer.
  • Added the Sega Pluto, a prototype console that was basically a Sega Saturn with an integrated Netlink modem.  Special thanks to Super Magnetic and our friends at Assemblers for the information on this forgotten piece of console history!
  • Major overhaul to improve the presentation on wide screen display devices.
  • Removed rarely used social networking links and relocated top dogs (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit) to the top of the page.
  • Moved the Search bar to the menu main interface.
  • Removed the background tiled image and other non-essentials (i.e. Support VGCL icon) to reduce clutter and streamline visitor interaction.
  • Please drop me a note (or comment below) on the new look.  I know it might feel a bit stark, but I do want our overall look to be crisp, clean and easy to use.  I do have a few ideas to liven up the white background a bit, but any suggestions would be most welcomed.  Thanks in advance!
  • Minor updates to the Ouya and GameStick pages (mostly release dates).  Added picture for the Ouya of the retail release including the packing (thanks Jacob!).
  • Currently working on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 pages. I should have these knocked out in the next week or so.
  • Added some information/videos on the Sega Channel in the Sega Mega-Dive/Genesis page under the "Other Media" tab (thanks Roy for the suggestion!).
  • Added the owners manual for the Grandstand Colour Programmable SD-070 to the PC-50X Family page, along with the rare game PC-508 cartridge.  Thanks Sut for the scan and info!
  • Working on a new menu section to enable our visitors to connect via polls and other interactive activities.
  • Added the Yobo FC-16 Go, Ludotronic Pro Screen (Pro-mo), iQue GBA, iQue GBA SP, iQue GB Micro, iQue DS, iQue DS Lite, iQue DSi, iQue 3DS XL and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play to the Gallery of Portable Gaming Systems.  Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!
  • New sample game play video added for the Famicom Disk System.  Thanks applemctom!
  • Working on pages for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.
  • New article added to the Reference menu : History - Relative Console Prices.  The included chart compares console prices through the years and what they would actually cost in today's dollars.
  • Added the MotorStorm and Uncharted 3 Bundles to the models section of the PlayStation 3 (thanks Jacob!).
  • Added a gallery to showcase Educational Systems that targeted little dudes & dudettes.  This is definitely not in our wheelhouse, but thought it might provide an interesting perspective on the evolution of these devices.
  • BIG update to the Portable Systems gallery to include portable systems that I missed during the initial publishing.  Thanks to all for your assistance!
  • Fixed global issue where main menu would display behind embedded YouTube videos.
  • Added a gallery for all Portable Systems that have been released.  This list includes hardware that accepts programmable cartridges.  Though we do not specialize in this area, we thought it would be helpful to provide this information for the collectors out there.
  • Updated the Reference menu to include a few more items for quick access (including the aforementioned Handheld Gallery).
  • Added the owner's manuals for the Sears Telegames Video Arcade and Super Video Arcade.  Thanks again to applemctom for tracking these down!
  • Uploaded picture of the Limited Edition OTON console (listed in the Models tab).  This version is white and will be accompanied by a special 'Birthday Present' add-on.  Details are not yet known as to what this mysterious peripheral will be.  Thanks to Derrick Samuels and the EnGeniux team for the image!
  • Added 'web safe' icons to the footer section to reflect the secure environment of VGCL.  Clicking the icons will provide access to our reports from Norton Safe Web, McAfee SiteAdvisor and AVG Threat Labs.
  • Added a 'Support VGCL' icon to the footer section as well.  This links to a page where you can contribute via a secure PayPal transaction and help keep VGCL an ad-free web experience.  We know times are tough for everyone and sincerely appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide.  Donors are listed on this page as well.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.
  • Updated the EVO Smart Console page to include the new EVO 2 model (available through pre-order)
  • Working on the system pages for the EVO 2 DX, OTON, Ouya and OnLive Game System.  These should be done within the next week or so.
  • Uploaded new mega-menu and streamlined front page
  • Increased font size throughout to enable easier viewing on tablets and handheld devices (along with PCs)
  • Videos of game play and television commercials being added for every console (1970s is completed)
  • Added this page to keep everyone updated on new content additions
  • You may have to clear your internet cache for some of these enhancements to be visible
It goes without saying that we have numerous updates than those listed above since out inception back in 2008.  For a fun look back at our site's evolution, please stay tuned for our History of VGCL which will be coming soon.

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