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     by Marriott_Guy
Apple has always been at the forefront in developing innovative, consumer friendly technology.  Devices like the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad (amongst others), have demonstrated their ability to not only identify market needs, but to deliver the goods to satiate the appetites of multiple audiences.  When information began to circulate concerning a new Apple video game console, a flurry of speculation spread through the internet like a virus about this system - the Apple iPlay.

The Apple iPlay was rumored to be a multimedia device to compete with the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3.  Proprietary software would be made available via standard DVD, or digitally through a virtual store similar to their existing iPad/iPod/iPhone distribution channels.  Apple previously attempted this approach to video gaming hardware with little success - the Bandai Pippin.

In 1995, Apple released a video game system based on a scaled down version of their System 7 OS.  Named the Pippin, Apple licensed this technology to an outside manufacturer - Bandai Digital Entertainment.  The Bandai Pippin ATMARK (@WORLD in the US) failed miserably due to poor market strategy and product positioning.  Would Apple rebound from this earlier console misstep with the new Apple iPlay? For now, unfortunately no.

The Apple iPlay is actually a concept console designed by artist Michael Giles in 2003.  Once the pictures were released, innuendos sprouted up across the internet regarding everything from its technical specifications to potential release date.  No information can be substantiated and it appears that this system is purely conceptual in nature.  Enthusiasts to this day offer their personal renderings of the Apple iPlay (see the Models tab).

iPlay Conceptual Drawing
Apple might develop a dedicated gaming machine in the future, but for now the iPlay remains nothing more than a product of internet creativity rather than anything in professional development.

Some More Conceptual Renditions of the Apple iPlay

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Apple iPlay Apple iPlay
Apple iPlay Apple iPlay

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