Gallery of Educational Systems
                    by Marriott_Guy
Though our site focuses on consoles for adults, we would be remiss to not include a section for those systems that were specifically designed to educate our children. 

Most of these units focus on creative activities, with all accepting some form of interchangeable media.  We have not included dedicated systems.  A mix of portable and consoles are listed, along with the year of its release and a few notes about the respective device.

If anything, we hope the following provides to be mildly interesting while showcasing the evolution of the educational gaming system.

Please enjoy!

Texas Instr. Speak & Spell
Year : 1978
Texas Instr. Speak & Read \ Math
Year : 1980
Texas Instr. Super Speak Series
Year : 1989
System Notes One of the first handheld systems to feature a display (VFD - limited to text) and interchangeable cartridges. System Notes Expansion of the series to include these two variations.  The original was also redesigned with the membrane keyboard. System Notes Upgraded version with a LCD display and standard QWERTY keyboard layout.  New cartridges were introduced (not BWC).

VTech VideoSmarts
Year : 1986
LJN Video Art
Year : 1987
Ohio Art Etch A Sketch Animator
Year : 1988
System Notes System connected through a VCR, with the child interacting with the cartoon during playback. System Notes Interactive coloring book with cartridges featuring popular cartoon characters.  System Notes Only four (4) cartridges were released for this console based on the popular Etch A Sketch toy.

Grandstand Light Games
Year : 1988
Mattel Captain Power
Year : 1988
VTech Socrates
Year : 1988
System Notes Cool system which projected the games onto any flat surface.  A few variations of this console were produced throughout Europe. System Notes Neat light-gun style system using VHS tapes to combat the evil empire.  Available in a couple of different models. System Notes Hybrid system with wireless keyboard and controllers (impressive for that day!).  Also released by Yeno in Germany.

View-Master Interactive Vision
Year : 1988
VTech PC Pal
Year : 1989
Sega Pico
Year : 1993
System Notes VHS based gaming system designed to resemble a Lego block construction with Muppet and Disney charaters. System Notes This computer system for little tykes has seen numerous upgrades and releases throughout the years.  A.K.A. Computer Pal. System Notes Interactive storyboards using button controls and the magic pen to respond to the unfolding events.  Rereleased by Majesco in 1999.

Tiger Learning Computer
Year : 1996
The Tiger Learning Computer was more than just a laptop computer designed for teaching children - this was a full fledged box using licensed technology based on the Apple IIe.  This device came packed with 128KB of RAM, common computer ports (serial, parallel, mouse, etc.) with AV outputs to display to a standard television or Mac monitor.  This rare bird was no slouch at that time.

The Tiger Learning Computer never made it out of the test market phase of its development, making it one of the most sought after systems in this genre.  Special thanks to Abraham for not only bringing this to my attention, but for kindly allowing us to post pics of his CIB unit.  Thanks Abraham!

LeapFrog LeapPad
Year : 1999
Fisher Price Pixter
Year : 2002
Fisher Price Pixter Plus
Year : 2002
System Notes Cartridges augmented the accompanying children's book.  The flagship product from LeapFrog. System Notes Animation and drawing games are the norm for the Pixter, with the stylus the only method used for control. System Notes Upgraded version that was released shortly after the original model.  Not sure what changes were made.

Fisher Price Pixter 2.0
Year : 2003
Haier Ribbit TV
Year : 2003
Fisher Price Pixter Color
Year : 2003
System Notes Upgraded model that could store 20 photos instead of 10. System Notes TV for little urchins, featuring games and parental controls. System Notes Color version this time.  Man did they pump these out in a hurry!

LeapFrog Leapster
Year : 2003
Fisher Price Pixter Multi-Media
Year : 2005
Sega Advanced Pico Beena
Year : 2005
System Notes Advanced handheld featuring Flash 5, touchscreen and D-Pad.  Co-developed by Macromedia. System Notes Another upgrade, this time with full video content for the tykes to interact with. System Notes Upgraded model of the Pico with built-in screen, controls for two players and updated graphics.

VTech V.Smile
Year : 2005
Manley GoGo TV Video Vision
Year : 2005
VTech V.Smile Pocket
Year : 2005
System Notes Popular system with two controllers and 'Smartridges' containing various game data.  Bundled with a microphone in 2007. System Notes Cool system which would actually display a video of the child onscreen as they interacted with the games. System Notes Portable version with a LCD screen, but lacks two plater support.  Microphone support was later incorporated.

LeapFrog Leapster L-Max
Year : 2005
Mattel HyperScan
Year : 2006
LeapFrog Leapster TV
Year : 2006
System Notes Redesign which incorporated video / audio out to television (the original model did not have this). System Notes Little dude console utilizing cards that were scanned to increase the abilities of their onscreen characters. System Notes Console version of the Leapster, with integrated screen and video / audio out.

VTech V.Flash
Year : 2006
LeapFrog Click Start
Year : 2007
VTech V.Smile Pocket Cyber
Year : 2008
System Notes Kid console that uses CDs encompassed within a protective outer shell (kind of like the caddies used in early years). System Notes Cool little PC for the rug rats to teach them the basics of using a computer. System Notes Upgraded model with a propriety port / cable used to transfer data to a PC for unlocking content and tracking scores.

LeapFrog Didj
Year : 2008
VTech V.Smile V.Motion
Year : 2008
LeapFrog Leapster2
Year : 2008
System Notes Handheld system which runs a customized version of Linux.  Popular with hackers due to the OpenGL environment and low cost. System Notes With integrated motion controls, the system was designed to be a cheap alternative to the Nintendo Wii. Notes The successor to the original Leapster.  This model could connect to your PC to download additional content and software.

VTech Computer Pal
Year : 2008
VTech V.Smile V.Baby Infant
Year : 2009
VTech MobiGo
Year : 2010
System Notes Same as the initial model but with included keyboard with integrated controls. System Notes This is definitely the system that targeted the youngest audience - infants.  I am assuming it is drool-proof. System Notes Handheld system with a hidden keyboard that is designed to teach youths how the alphabet amongst other activities.

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer
Year : 2010
VTech InnoTab
Year : 2011
LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer
Year : 2011
System Notes Third generation of the Leapster, but lacks full backwards compatibility with the two previous editions. System Notes Tablet for tots, featuring tilt-sensor for motion control and auto-orientation LCD screen.  Pretty cool IMHO. System Notes Tablet device with all the bells and whistles of associated with like devices.  Basically a mini iPad.

VTech InnoTab 2
Year : 2011
LeapFrog Leapster GS Explorer
Year : 2012
VTech MobiGo 2
Year : 2012
System Notes Upgraded model with built-in camera and video recorder, MP3 player and other creativity apps. System Notes Advanced handheld with integrated camera, recorder and motion controls. System Notes Upgraded version with a 'slide-out' keyboard.  Other than that, I believe they are no other differences.

VTech InnoTab 2S
Year : 2012
Leapster LeapTV
Year : 2014
VTech InnoTV
Year : 2015
System Notes I believe this is just a revision that now includes full Wi-Fi capabilities.
System Notes Wii knock-off for little tykes.  In all honesty, this is pretty cool. System Notes Gaming system for urchins aged 3-8. Better controller that the Atari Jag.
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