Atari Jaguar Duo (JagDUO)
Type Console Prototype Developer Atari
Proposed Date 1996 Region(s) Not applicable
Proposed Price $299 USD Games Released 0
     by Dark Watcher
A cartridge based console that later features a CD add-on.  Why not make it a single unit!  It was done with the Turbo Duo, the Sega CDX and the JVC X'Eye.  Why not do it with Atari Jaguar?  That appears to have been the intentions of Atari.

In 1995 Atari began displaying the Jaguar Duo to developers.  The Duo would have contained the features of both the Jaguar and Jaguar CD.  It is unknown however as to whether the Jaguar Duo would have featured any additional enhancements.

Rumors also began spreading about Atari's "Next-Generation" Jaguar II.  The device was in development stages and a prototype motherboard had been shown at computer gaming conventions.  The new console would have been backwards compatible with Jaguar.  The console would also out do its 5 processor predecessor with a total of 7.

The reverse merger with JTS sealed the fate of Atari Jaguar and so the Jaguar Duo and Jaguar II became vaporware.  Some additional pictures of this prototype:

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