by Marriott_Guy - Site Owner & Admin
What exactly is included at our website?  How is it organized?  What content can I expect to find here?  We posed these same questions, among others, when developing this site.  At our core, we are definitely hardware enthusiasts and knew that we had to stick within our wheelhouse and true passion - consoles.  Even this proposed challenges when deciding what would be included.

In the end, we knew that we could not be everything to everybody and certain guidelines had to be established.  The following explains in more detail how this site is organized and what is included.

To be included in this site, a gaming system must conform to all the following:
Must primarily be a gaming device
Utilize interchangeable media (cartridge, CD, etc.)
Require an external display (or has an included sprite\vector driven monitor)

To be listed as a main item in the menu system, the following must be met:
Have unique, original core hardware technology
Utilize a proprietary game programming language
Yes, there are some exceptions to the guidelines listed above, specifically in the Main Console (menu item) headings.  Criterion had to be set as to what would be initially included within the site. Using these guidelines, handhelds, pongs and computer hybrids are not included.  We have provided a gallery style listing information and pictures for portable and educational (children) systems.

Details and pictures of additional models\clones of the Main Consoles are listed within their respective 'parent' page (i.e. the Sega Genesis 2 is listed under the main Sega Genesis page).  Hardware package variations are not focused on here.  We love the Limited Edition releases, but that is not the purpose of this site.  To provide an objective viewpoint and information on the hardware that powers the games we all love is the driver here, for both the hardware collector and gamer alike.

We welcome your input.  Please enjoy!