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Video Game Weaponry – Magic Based     by Marriott_Guy (24-Sep-11)

As detailed in the first article in this series, game developers provide us with a variety of methods to inflict punishment upon, or defend ourselves against, the evil minions that occupy our gaming world.  These can be classified into the following categories: Melee          Ranged          Magic We previously reviewed the direct, brutal approach of wielding Melee weapons.  This writing will focus … Read more

Video Game Weaponry – Melee Based     by Marriott_Guy (16-Jun-11)

Game developers provide us with a myriad of instruments to defend ourselves against their virtual army of evil.  These can be classified into the following categories: Melee          Ranged          Magic This article will take a look at the first class, the Melee based method of assault/defense.  This writing is not meant to be all-inclusive, inventory type of document, but more of … Read more

Most Hated Gaming Missions     by Marriott_Guy (21-Feb-11)

This weekend I was blessed with the unthinkable – an absolutely blank calendar.  For the first time in nearly two months, the madness known as ‘social obligations’ had thankfully subsided for a couple of days.  My internal battery had been running on fumes for quite a while, so this break was more than welcomed.  I was not about to waste … Read more

Gaming Flashback: Video Golf Games     by Marriott_Guy (22-Aug-09)

This past Friday I caught a quick 9 after work and I can only put it one way – I got my monies worth.  I personally do not consider golf to be a social activity, but I have never met so many people during a round in my life.  I sprayed shot after shot into everyone’s fairway except for my … Read more

Gaming Flashback: Sierra On-Line     by Marriott_Guy (16-May-09)

Sierra Entertainment officially closed its door this year and thus comes an end to a true pioneer within the gaming industry. The companies founders, Ken and Roberta Williams, were avid gamers and produced the first graphical adventure game for the PC entitled Mystery House, which became an instant hit and is a cult classic to this day.  Sierra has endured … Read more

Gaming in the 1970s – Football     by Marriott_Guy (12-Apr-09)

The game of football is a North American trademark of sorts.  Rich in tradition, this sport has almost surpassed (if it hasn’t already) the official past time of the USA, baseball.  I first had the pleasure of experiencing this great game as an adolescent during the 1970s.  During that time, we had to rely upon gathering the required parental permissions … Read more

Adrenaline-Rush Moments In Gaming     by Marriott_Guy (15-Mar-09)

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A Just about everyone is familiar with this legendary Konami cheat code, along with the exhilaration after successfully implementation.  For me, this occurred while playing Contra on the NES. I glance up at the two ready-for-action commandos displayed on the title screen, hoping for some type of manly ‘grunt’ of acknowledgement … Read more

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