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Life before the ESRB: Truly Hazardous Toys     by Marriott_Guy (11-Oct-12)

While kicking back this past weekend, the unexpected befell this aged bachelor – emergency babysitting duty of my 6 year old niece.  With little time to prepare, it was decided that we would just hang out at my humble abode for the evening.  To my surprise, she was not disappointed at all but actually ecstatic.  This would be her very … Read more

Paging Father Time     by Marriott_Guy (31-Jan-12)

This past weekend my brother and I had our quarterly Gaming Night.  His perk for being the host was selecting the main game for the evening.  To my dismay, an online battle with Modern Warfare 3 was his choice. I had been down this road before with him in another Call of Duty installment.  Let me tell you – it … Read more

The Diversity of Gamer Breeds     by Marriott_Guy (23-Feb-10)

The level of enjoyment of any multi-player gaming experience is heavily dependant upon your fellow gamers.  Whether it be teaming with a bud in a co-op couch game of Contra or joining an online bout with hundreds of unnamed souls in Worlds of Warcraft, it still boils down to the same – are the people you are interacting with cool? … Read more

Ready, Set, Game!!!     by Marriott_Guy (19-Oct-09)

I don’t know about you, but I tend to be rather ritualistic when preparing for a serious gaming session.  Just like setting the table for dinner, everything has to be set just so prior to my indulgence.  Preparation is paramount in order to fully enjoy my upcoming virtual experience.  Yes, I admit that my OCD tendencies might have some bearing … Read more

Review: Texas Intruments TI-99/4A     by Marriott_Guy (15-Oct-09)

I have always been intrigued by video gaming systems, beginning with my first experience with my Uncle Glenn’s Atari PONG system at the tender age of 7.  I was a gaming panhandler during my early years until my father told me in 1979 that he had decided to take the plunge. Would he choose the Atari 2600 that seemed to … Read more

MG’s Take: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 (360)     by Marriott_Guy (29-Aug-08)

Tiger Woods 2008, released on multiple platforms in September, 2007 by EA Sports, has endured a beating normally reserved for farm animals on most forums.  Most of the complaints revolve around game freezes, instable EA (Electronic Arts) online servers, lack of character clothing options and most importantly the hair-trigger analog controls.  To the delight of old-school gamers, and possibly a … Read more

Erosion of the Gaming Skills     by Marriott_Guy (29-Aug-08)

Gaming has been a test of diligence this past week. I have been working through another go around of The Elder Scrolls III – Morrowind GOY edition on my XBox 360. I had spent roughly 20 minutes traveling all around the great world of Vvarendall to finally retrieve the awesome Skull Crusher war hammer. Right when I begin to enter … Read more

Beginnings of a Collector     by Marriott_Guy (25-Aug-08)

As most of you know, I tend to write very detailed and somewhat technical articles on various video game systems, focusing primarily on the obscure releases.  When writing one of my last system reviews, a fellow RFG staff member recommended that I add a bit more color to my reviews; to add a bit more of my personality to them. … Read more

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