The Diversity of Gamer Breeds
Author :        Date : 23-Feb-10

The level of enjoyment of any multi-player gaming experience is heavily dependant upon your fellow gamers.  Whether it be teaming with a bud in a co-op couch game of Contra or joining an online bout with hundreds of unnamed souls in Worlds of Warcraft, it still boils down to the same – are the people you are interacting with cool?

This was never so evident to me after the massacre I stomached during my recent online gaming experience (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2).  Gamers come in all shapes and sizes as well as dispositions.  This mirrors the varied communal landscapes that we respectively reside within.  The diversity of the players truly make the gaming experience, but let’s face it – there are those that we would be A-OK to never see or hear from again.

The following pokes a little fun at the each of these types by describing the pros and cons of playing with them.

The BFF-Wannabee
a.k.a. Overly Friendly Dude
The Gaming Posse
a.k.a. Brothers Fo’ Eva’
The Overly Charged
a.k.a. The Cry Baby
+ Affable\easy to get along with
+ Encouraging, even if you suck
- Tends to get on your nerves
- Talks way too much!!
+ Teamwork really rocks the score
+ Bantering sometimes humorous
- Can have an elitist mentality
- Slow decision making
+ Keeps the team focused
+ Thoughts are transparent
- Goading easily throws them off
- Constantly whining is annoying
The Night of the Living Dead
a.k.a. Catatonics ‘R Us
The Serious Joe
a.k.a. The Over-Achiever
The Big Easy
a.k.a. Laisser-faire United
+ Overall pretty good team players
+ Doesn’t clutter the airwaves
- Hard to tell if they are even alive
- As much fun as a 24-hour Dentist
+ Achievement whores deliver
+ Will take ‘point’ on tasks
- I Am An Island (self-centered)
- Most are egocentrical a-holes
+ Goes with the flow (no waves)
+ Open for any game variation
- Slow player… this isn’t chess!
- Easily loses focus during play
The Flirt
a.k.a. Hi Boys
The Drunk & Stoned
a.k.a. Pass The Cheetos Dude!
The Multi-Tasker
a.k.a. ADD Sufferers
+ Always nice hearing a female
+ It might REALLY be Jessica Alba
- Distracts your teammates
- It NEVER really is Jessica Alba
+ Usually a riot to play
+ A-OK being the sacrificial pig
- Leaves constantlly for munchies
- Sometimes forgets own name
+ Juggles multiple assignments
+ Pretty OK when changing games
- Usually clueless most of the time
- Dicks around instead of playing
The Hater
a.k.a. Mad At The World Guy
The Legend
a.k.a. The Old Fart
The Child Prodigy
a.k.a. The Most Hated
+ Fun to rile them \ verbally abuse
+ Honestly nothing else positive
- Always blaming others
- Basically a pain in the ass
+ Usually a good stabilizing force
+ Provides great historical bits
- Thinks they know more than you
- Their game usually blows
+ None, unless they are your kid
- They beat on you with out trying
- You will never be as good
- Trash talk, show-boating, etc.

Obviously this writing plays upon some common stereotypes and associated personality quirks.  We all have our unique peccadilloes and most can admit to honestly sharing some of the Pros and Cons from the various types depicted above.   Special thanks to the anonymous souls featured in this article for allowing us to have a little fun.

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