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Video Game Weaponry – Magic Based     by Marriott_Guy (24-Sep-11)

As detailed in the first article in this series, game developers provide us with a variety of methods to inflict punishment upon, or defend ourselves against, the evil minions that occupy our gaming world.  These can be classified into the following categories: Melee          Ranged          Magic We previously reviewed the direct, brutal approach of wielding Melee weapons.  This writing will focus … Read more

Video Game Weaponry – Melee Based     by Marriott_Guy (16-Jun-11)

Game developers provide us with a myriad of instruments to defend ourselves against their virtual army of evil.  These can be classified into the following categories: Melee          Ranged          Magic This article will take a look at the first class, the Melee based method of assault/defense.  This writing is not meant to be all-inclusive, inventory type of document, but more of … Read more

No Soup For You!!     by Marriott_Guy (21-Jun-10)

As I grow more experienced in life (a.k.a. get old), I find myself becoming less patient and accommodating for daily idiocies that I once blew off without a moment’s thought.  I’d like to think I am a pretty easy going guy, but there are quite a few things that are truly beginning to torque me off. Clueless dolts talking on … Read more

Annoyances for the Video Game Collector     by Marriott_Guy (26-Sep-09)

Every video game enthusiast absolutely loves adding a new title or system to their collection.  Whether it be a treasure that has been extremely elusive or simply an anticipated release for a current gen system.  We love them all and experience a certain rush with any new addition to our respective "Hero’s Chest".  On the flipside, a boatload of irritants … Read more

The SX2 : A New Gaming System Concept     by Marriott_Guy (15-Jul-09)

I am the first one to admit that I was wrong about my initial impressions on handheld systems – they are not just jealous little rug rats of their technically superior big brother consoles. They do have their unique appeal and I have found that this attraction was not limited to the specific ‘handheld fan-boy’ target audience. I have learned … Read more

Insights on International Transactions     by Marriott_Guy (25-May-09)

As technology has developed through the years, the art of collecting in the video game arena has become a global experience.  Our quest for that last game to complete a system library is no longer limited to local garage sales, flea markets and the rare ‘Funcoland-type’ retail stores.  eBay, internet eCommerce sites and enthusiast forums have been the primary channels … Read more

Goal of a Webmaster     by Marriott_Guy (21-Dec-08)

This afternoon I experienced the rare occasion where my appointment with the local physician started promptly and ended earlier than expected.  This extra free time that has been afforded to me was a pleasant surprise to be honest – professional demands on me have been intense as of late.  With this unexpected windfall, I brew up a steaming hot pot … Read more

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