Goal of a Webmaster
Author :        Date : 21-Dec-08

This afternoon I experienced the rare occasion where my appointment with the local physician started promptly and ended earlier than expected.  This extra free time that has been afforded to me was a pleasant surprise to be honest – professional demands on me have been intense as of late.  With this unexpected windfall, I brew up a steaming hot pot of lemonade-infused tea and sit down at my PC to write a gaming blog.  Unfortunately, I am greeted with the following:
| …. | …. | …. | …
The blank page and blinking cursor of Microsoft Word now stares back at me without mercy, expecting some sort of creative genius to emerge from my fingers and appear on its empty canvas.  "Darn… it has been a while" I say to myself while being directly confronted with the fact that I had not written anything in quite a while.  This vacation of sorts has left me feeling a bit empty in a way I can not fully explain nor identify.  Most of my hobby time has been devoted to coding web pages – writing articles and blog posts unfortunately has been put on the backburner.
I have been struggling quite a bit lately composing new system reviews.  Though not entirely artistic in a literary sense, they do take a great deal of planning and thought (at least for me).  As some of you may know, I have recently created and developed this fledgling website.  Though I am extremely happy with the progress that has been made, I need to be directly candid with you – being a webmaster is not an easy task and does take a tremendous amount of time.  The maintenance and developmental aspects of a website is very time consuming, especially with the limited technical resources that I possess.  From my first hand perspective, the amount of focus on coding has taken precedence over what truly makes me happy – video game hardware and sharing my experiences with my fellow gaming aficionados (you).

A friend of mine, whom I respect a great deal, stated the following in a completely unrelated email: "…it’s much more satisfying to step back and appraise one’s own work and be proud of it when it has a certain formality and thoroughness about it."  This rang eerily true and caused me to take a step back and reflect.

My true love is for gaming hardware and sharing the knowledge that I have acquired through the years (40+ year old gamer here).  My hope is that you find the articles that result from this passion of mine to be informative, beneficial and entertaining at times.  I do not profess to be the greatest writer in the world – a public rating of mediocre would be welcomed.  But as my friend pointed out, it is critical to be personally happy with the finished product, and with what you are doing.

What I have learned through the writing of this editorial of mine is that I truly enjoy communicating to you as a reader – this is my true goal as a webmaster.  At times the technical demands of running a website can be overwhelming and at times I need to be a better juggler. Rest assured that the commitment to providing the best platform to deliver relevant information and ‘good reads’ to you is of paramount importance.  My gratitude for your patience and understanding while I work to complete VGCL can not be expressed in words.

Best regards during this holiday season to you and your family.

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