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Mad Catz M.O.J.O – Hands on Review     by Dark Watcher (23-Dec-15)

The android micro-console market seemed to go out of control with so many competitors trying to capture some of the success following the OUYA. The result was a flood of similar devices with mobile cellular components and an Android operating system. The Dark Watcher took advantage of the situation, and purchased a Mad Catz M.O.J.O for a bargain. Now before … Read more

Review: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (360)     by Tan (25-Oct-12)

This is a hard game to review because I both love it and find some parts of it really crappy at the same time. On the one hand, you have a sprawling open world that’s ripe with history and a life of its own. On the other, you feel like a disjointed character, never taken seriously by the NPCs you … Read more

Review: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (360)     by Tan (11-Oct-12)

The worst thing that could happen while playing an RPG happened to me. I stopped caring about the story. Worse still, it happened so early on that it tainted the fifty hours or so of gameplay after it happened. I don’t think I can really blame R.A. Salvatore for that. Read more

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Demo     by Tan (26-Jan-12)

With all of the media surrounding this game, you’d think I’d have a better idea of what it’s all about. Truth is, screenshots and videos just don’t do this title justice. Here’s a few points I wanted to jot down for future consideration: While the videos seem to indicate a cartoonish look, I find it’s a nice combination of a … Read more

Review: LEGO Star Wars III: Clone Wars (360)     by Tan (04-Jan-12)

When I had first seen gameplay videos of III, I had mixed feelings. By this time, I had already been disappointed with LEGO Batman and the LEGO Indiana Jones series so my expectations were a bit low. Perhaps the very nature of the material lends itself to a better game or a better design philosophy. After all, I’m much more … Read more

MG’s Take: Fable III (360)     by Marriott_Guy (21-Apr-11)

Having been a fan of the first two installments in the series, I was thoroughly pumped to dive right into this latest release.  In Fable III, your Hero is once again pitted against the throes of evil, but this time you are tasked with both saving your beloved kingdom of Albion as well as becoming its competent ruler. Sure, this … Read more

MG’s Take: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (360)     by Marriott_Guy (04-Jul-09)

Work has been a bit brutal as of late, so I scheduled a three day weekend for myself to recharge the internal battery a bit.  What better way to do this?  Pick up a new game, score some beverages and a big handful of those monster-sized Slim Jims and dig in for some gaming. Being a big RPG fan, I … Read more

MG’s Take: King’s Field II (PS1)     by Marriott_Guy (31-Aug-08)

The second U.S. release in this series, King’s Field II for the Sony PlayStation, published by ASCII Entertainment and developed by From Software, perfected the FP RPG genre set in its predecessor.  True to form, you are free to undertake this extensive adventure as you deem fit.  This may seem somewhat daunting to gamers who prefer a more linear approach … Read more

MG’s Take: King’s Field (PS1)     by Marriott_Guy (29-Aug-08)

One of the initial releases for the Sony PlayStation, King’s Field, published by ASCII Entertainment and developed by From Software, was a truly next-gen game for its time.  This game was the first FP RPG, set in a massive environment where you alone dictate the game’s action and events.  The primary antagonist (Alexander/you) is left completely free to choose their … Read more

MG’s Take: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 (360)     by Marriott_Guy (29-Aug-08)

Tiger Woods 2008, released on multiple platforms in September, 2007 by EA Sports, has endured a beating normally reserved for farm animals on most forums.  Most of the complaints revolve around game freezes, instable EA (Electronic Arts) online servers, lack of character clothing options and most importantly the hair-trigger analog controls.  To the delight of old-school gamers, and possibly a … Read more

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