Happy 20th Anniversary Sega Genesis
Author :        Date : 17-Aug-09

Ole DW is like a fishermen at times
Every now and then we come across some impressive info fish. Sometimes we come across some thought guppies.

Todays thought guppie read “Happy 20th, Sega Genesis” from the fish farms at Kotaku. Now…you won’t see DW bringing an anniversary card to our beloved Genesis. Then again we do seem to be speaking of fish…hmm.. *what was in this mornings coffee ?*..


The beauty of such postings is that they tend to stir memories in gamers. This is particulary true of those who owned / own a Sega Genesis or Megadrive. We couldn’t help but begin to reminesce…

We thought it would be fun to share our memories of the Sega Genesis. Since it is in fact an anniversary, we will tell the tale in our own unique way.

Queue flashback………..

We didn’t always practice console polygamy. We were quite faithful to our Nintendo NES. We were even faithful to our dear Atari before she met her untimely death at the hands of our clumsy cousin. We met Sega Genesis at a friends house. Compared to ole NES, She was dark, sleek, and quite sexy. We remember seeing what she could do. It was like nothing we had seen before.

She teased with titles such as Altered Beast, and Golden Axe. These were things we had only seen the pros do over at the topless Arcade parlor. We tried to not like Genesis. We would try to find flaws like her chunky controllers, and button layout. However, there was no overlooking what she could do. We were amazed at what she could put out, but at the time there was only room for one console in our lives. However, we continued to visit Genesis. We tried to spend more time with her playing Phantasy Star 2, Streets of Rage, Ghouls & Ghosts, and Sonic. We even admit to enjoying Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. This affair could only last but so long. We had to make Sega Genesis ours…

Years would pass…We wanted Genesis, but only made enough money to support Nintendo NES. As luck would have it, we came across a better job. We quickly went to propose to Genesis. To finally maker her ours. To our amazement she had lost weight! She was even slimmer in her Model 2 clothes. We took her home and enjoyed sequel moments with the aformentioned games. We even got to enjoy amazing new titles such as “Gunstar Heroes“. There was even that uncensored Mortal Kombat. Surprisingly, both Nintendo NES and Genesis got along quite well. They each managed to play unique games. We enjoyed them both despite what the rabid fanboy society said. Genesis would later introduce new toys into the relationship. Her Sega CD add-on enhanced her capabilities. This made the relationship both new and exciting. We loved Silpheed and Shining Force CD. Updates to Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II, and Final Fight CD were also quite good. We managed to stay clear of those weird grainy point and click titles.

We and Genesis had quite the long run. She provided faithful gaming for many years, and with it wondrous memories. So today we will go and spend some quality time with ole Sega Genesis. Happy 20th anniversary dear…its time we turn you on again ;)

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