Best Time For Gaming
Author :        Date : 05-Oct-09

Firing up a cherished classic or the latest next-gen release is always a pleasure, regardless of when we can set aside free time to indulge in our passion.  That is a given.  But what are truly are the best conditions that we enjoy for gaming? The following lists a few of my favorites.
During a Storm

Who doesn’t love firing up the console when the heavens open up and Mother Nature unleashes her fury?  Whether it be a darkened sky caused by a May rain squall or a complete white-out during a December blizzard, there is just something that screams out "Let the Games Begin!" to even the least passionate of players.  Hearing your windows being repeatedly pelted by the outside elements is like a mating call from your favorite system – you just can’t deny ‘her’.

Adverse weather conditions also offer the perfect gaming environment.  The cave–like feeling that is created is optimum for hunkering down in front of the big screen and setting your warrior loose to wreck some havoc.  The games, for whatever reason, seem to almost look better during a storm!  Granted the darkened exterior has a great deal to do with this, but there is something more to this phenomenon that I can not fully place my finger upon.

The best part of gaming during a storm is the multitude of excuses that are Express Mailed directly to you.  During these turbulent times gamers do not have to strictly rely upon their creativity in generating reasons to their loved ones for game time allotment – bad weather gives us the grounds we need and all are defensible.  Exterior yard responsibilities?  Covered (for obvious reasons). Interior house projects?  Covered (would you really make me go out in this weather to get paint?).  The only catch here is to ensure that you plan ahead and have your gaming food and beverage rations on hand prior to the storm hitting.  They will be mad as hell if you are man enough to brave the elements to hunt and gather for some Slim Jims and Power Ade but balk at going shopping with them.
After the Speakeasy

My ‘party like a rock star’ days are definitely behind me, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a tall cold one every now and again with my buds.  Friday night is usually our ‘Boys are Back in Town’ evening when this occurs since Saturday is designated as ‘date night’ with our respective honey.  After catching up on real life activities (a.k.a. round table venting session), we move on to more interesting subject matter – video games!  The usual course of reminiscing, chest-beating and other caveman talk ensues and we are finally ready to blow out of our local watering hole and get to some gaming.  They know the routine well and love it – my icebox will be stockpiled with "personality juice", late night munchies aplenty and at least four classic systems hooked up and ready to go.

Once back at my ‘crib’ (yes – old guy here trying to be ‘fly’), we bust out the crowd favorites and begin the controller assault.  Previously consumed cocktails are not helping our technical prowess – this is mediocre at best to start with and this statistic decreases by at least 5% per the hour (remember – full ammo in the fridge).  To be honest this just adds to the experience when we make some dumb move or have to eat some crow after a misfired bit of trash talk.  The laughter just doesn’t stop until we all just dead tired and have no other option to crash for the night.
Waking up at 2AM

Ever try to sneak in a power nap after a long day and end up waking up in the middle of the night?  Wide eyed and wired after your 6 hour hibernation, there is always the comfort of your system to work off some energy.  You more than likely have the entire gaming room to yourself, no worries about friends calling and pretty much free of all responsibilities (no one can expect you to be truly productive at 2 AM, can they??).

Regardless if I have to work the next day or not, I feel pumped at the fact that I will have approximately 4 hours of uninterrupted gaming before the world begins to awaken.  This is a conscious choice.  I know at the end of the ‘real’ day that I will probably be pretty wiped out after having this ultra-early gaming session.  Nonetheless, once I hear that whir of my console firing up and after my eyes adjust to the artificial light of my television, I know it will be well worth it.

Side note:  Having your favorite gaming ‘blankie’ during this time is a must.  Let’s be honest – most of us have retained this dependency from infancy.  For those who have not, you don’t know what you are missing.
On "Sick" Days

Isn’t it odd that when you feel under the weather and are not able to muster the energy to go to school or work, you can somehow summon your inner strength for a good, long gaming session?  Nuff said.

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