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The following encompasses some of my thoughts on a little bit of everything regarding video gaming. One of my goals of this blog is to share with you some of the processes I go through when writing system reviews and the development of this website. Also included: game reviews, general collecting, even some of my my personal thoughts from being an 'old' gamer. You get a taste of it all. Hopefully you will find at least some of the following mildly interesting. Please enjoy!

Crossing Over Isn’t That Easy     by Marriott_Guy (09-May-09)

Being successful in the video game hardware industry has proven to be financial lucrative for many companies throughout the years.  Everyone knows about the old school power players like Atari, Nintendo and Sega – they began as a company focusing on this specific market (for the most part).  Companies like Sony and Microsoft have also achieved like success in the … Read more

What Were They Thinking??     by Marriott_Guy (19-Apr-09)

Throughout the years I have been amazed by the technological leaps and developments in the video game industry.  By the same token, some of the gaffes that have been made by the developers and manufactures have stunned me as well.  Here are a few of my favorites… Atari 5200 AV/Power Switchbox Now this picture does not truly give this dog … Read more

Gaming in the 1970s – Football     by Marriott_Guy (12-Apr-09)

The game of football is a North American trademark of sorts.  Rich in tradition, this sport has almost surpassed (if it hasn’t already) the official past time of the USA, baseball.  I first had the pleasure of experiencing this great game as an adolescent during the 1970s.  During that time, we had to rely upon gathering the required parental permissions … Read more

Adrenaline-Rush Moments In Gaming     by Marriott_Guy (15-Mar-09)

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A Just about everyone is familiar with this legendary Konami cheat code, along with the exhilaration after successfully implementation.  For me, this occurred while playing Contra on the NES. I glance up at the two ready-for-action commandos displayed on the title screen, hoping for some type of manly ‘grunt’ of acknowledgement … Read more

Madden Nation – Truly Reflective?     by Marriott_Guy (26-Feb-09)

I was surfing the tube the other evening and happened across an episode of Madden Nation.   Though not particularly foreign to me, I can’t fully admit that I had ever sat through any given episode in this series for more than five consecutive minutes.  Television offerings were extremely weak that night – Clean House Comes Clean did have its appeal, … Read more

Handheld Systems – “I don’t get it”     by Marriott_Guy (13-Feb-09)

With my console collection pretty much fleshed out I have decided to take the plunge into collecting handheld systems. This is an area within the video gaming field that I have totally neglected, almost to the point of refusing to recognize their existence. I have never understood the attraction to this method of gaming. Some of my peers might even … Read more

Goal of a Webmaster     by Marriott_Guy (21-Dec-08)

This afternoon I experienced the rare occasion where my appointment with the local physician started promptly and ended earlier than expected.  This extra free time that has been afforded to me was a pleasant surprise to be honest – professional demands on me have been intense as of late.  With this unexpected windfall, I brew up a steaming hot pot … Read more

What’s Cookin’: 23-Nov-08     by Marriott_Guy (23-Nov-08)

Work has been a bit taxing as of late, but the few hours that I have been afforded have been spent on the upgrading the existing pages of the site (yes – this is taking me longer than I thought). I have ten (10) pages left to do before concentrating on new content and porting of Dark Watcher’s articles to … Read more

What’s Cookin’: 11-Oct-08     by Marriott_Guy (11-Oct-08)

I would like to preface this blog post by letting everyone know that I am NOT a professional programmer or web designer at all – as I am sure that you have already ascertained this much.  That being said, while things may seem quiet here on the VGCL front, they are far from it!  It just takes me a little … Read more

What’s Cookin’: 01-Sep-08     by Marriott_Guy (01-Sep-08)

Well we have finally established the blogs for the VGCL team (after significant prodding from my two counterparts). As stated in my blog preface, included here will be updates on VGCL site happenings. Being plated… NEC PC-FX – just a few more tweaks needed. Sony Playstation 3 – like above, but a bit more involved with how we want to … Read more

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