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The following encompasses some of my thoughts on a little bit of everything regarding video gaming. One of my goals of this blog is to share with you some of the processes I go through when writing system reviews and the development of this website. Also included: game reviews, general collecting, even some of my my personal thoughts from being an 'old' gamer. You get a taste of it all. Hopefully you will find at least some of the following mildly interesting. Please enjoy!

Most Expensive Systems to Collect For     by Marriott_Guy (25-Nov-09)

Though not a huge game collector, I do tend to invest in software for the more unique systems in my collection.  I enter into this fully aware that the games (for the most part) will see limited action and will require me to pay a premium due to their limited availability and/or production.  This is something we all encounter to … Read more

Ready, Set, Game!!!     by Marriott_Guy (19-Oct-09)

I don’t know about you, but I tend to be rather ritualistic when preparing for a serious gaming session.  Just like setting the table for dinner, everything has to be set just so prior to my indulgence.  Preparation is paramount in order to fully enjoy my upcoming virtual experience.  Yes, I admit that my OCD tendencies might have some bearing … Read more

Review: Texas Intruments TI-99/4A     by Marriott_Guy (15-Oct-09)

I have always been intrigued by video gaming systems, beginning with my first experience with my Uncle Glenn’s Atari PONG system at the tender age of 7.  I was a gaming panhandler during my early years until my father told me in 1979 that he had decided to take the plunge. Would he choose the Atari 2600 that seemed to … Read more

Best Time For Gaming     by Marriott_Guy (05-Oct-09)

Firing up a cherished classic or the latest next-gen release is always a pleasure, regardless of when we can set aside free time to indulge in our passion.  That is a given.  But what are truly are the best conditions that we enjoy for gaming? The following lists a few of my favorites. During a Storm Who doesn’t love firing … Read more

Annoyances for the Video Game Collector     by Marriott_Guy (26-Sep-09)

Every video game enthusiast absolutely loves adding a new title or system to their collection.  Whether it be a treasure that has been extremely elusive or simply an anticipated release for a current gen system.  We love them all and experience a certain rush with any new addition to our respective "Hero’s Chest".  On the flipside, a boatload of irritants … Read more

Gaming Flashback: Video Golf Games     by Marriott_Guy (22-Aug-09)

This past Friday I caught a quick 9 after work and I can only put it one way – I got my monies worth.  I personally do not consider golf to be a social activity, but I have never met so many people during a round in my life.  I sprayed shot after shot into everyone’s fairway except for my … Read more

The SX2 : A New Gaming System Concept     by Marriott_Guy (15-Jul-09)

I am the first one to admit that I was wrong about my initial impressions on handheld systems – they are not just jealous little rug rats of their technically superior big brother consoles. They do have their unique appeal and I have found that this attraction was not limited to the specific ‘handheld fan-boy’ target audience. I have learned … Read more

MG’s Take: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (360)     by Marriott_Guy (04-Jul-09)

Work has been a bit brutal as of late, so I scheduled a three day weekend for myself to recharge the internal battery a bit.  What better way to do this?  Pick up a new game, score some beverages and a big handful of those monster-sized Slim Jims and dig in for some gaming. Being a big RPG fan, I … Read more

Insights on International Transactions     by Marriott_Guy (25-May-09)

As technology has developed through the years, the art of collecting in the video game arena has become a global experience.  Our quest for that last game to complete a system library is no longer limited to local garage sales, flea markets and the rare ‘Funcoland-type’ retail stores.  eBay, internet eCommerce sites and enthusiast forums have been the primary channels … Read more

Gaming Flashback: Sierra On-Line     by Marriott_Guy (16-May-09)

Sierra Entertainment officially closed its door this year and thus comes an end to a true pioneer within the gaming industry. The companies founders, Ken and Roberta Williams, were avid gamers and produced the first graphical adventure game for the PC entitled Mystery House, which became an instant hit and is a cult classic to this day.  Sierra has endured … Read more

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